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7 July 2022
Positive progress has been made on ending the harmful practice of child marriage.

Parliamentarians agree on how to accelerate progress on sexual and reproductive health

Parliamentarians from 23 African countries renewed their countries’  commitments made at the landmark 2019 Nairobi Summit. COVID-19 has affected... Read more

7 July 2022
Adolescents learn how to avoid early pregnancy and prevent sexually transmitted infections.

Creating positive and safe spaces for young people in and out of school in Zambia

In a classroom filled with eager learners, a teacher writes on the chalkboard in preparation for her lesson on pregnancy. She is teaching this... Read more

6 July 2022
Haiti – Lumilene, 15, lives with her parents and her 6-month-old daughter in a camp for people displaced by the earthquake that

Gender and income inequalities driving teenage motherhood in developing countries, new report confirms

Almost one third of women in developing countries had their first baby while they were still in their teens, a recently released report shows, with... Read more

5 July 2022
Press Release
A girl carrying a baby walks down a path.

UNFPA research reveals that nearly a third of all women in developing countries become mothers during adolescence 

Nearly a third of all women in developing countries begin childbearing at 19 and younger, and nearly half of first births to adolescents are to... Read more

1 July 2022
A midwife with a pregnant woman.

Strategizing to accelerate the reduction of maternal mortality in Africa

In 2017, an estimated 303,000 maternal deaths were recorded globally and of these, Africa accounted for 66 per cent. To address the high number of... Read more

30 June 2022
Uganda HIV

HIV-positive teen mum inspires her peers by sharing her life experiences as a peer educator

Young people find it easy to talk to 20-year-old Rebecca. Not only is she confident, warm and knowledgeable, particularly about sexual and... Read more

30 June 2022
GBV training

Successful Training on Essential Services for Women and Girls Subject to Violence

In  June 2022, UNFPA in collaboration with UNAIDS, UNICEF, WHO, UNDP, UNODC, and UN Women concluded a 3-week virtual workshop on the United Nations... Read more

29 June 2022
Press Release

Neglected crisis of unintended pregnancies has lifelong impact, costs health systems billions

Nearly half of all pregnancies, totalling 121 million worldwide each year, are unintended, explains the State of World Population 2022 report,... Read more

22 June 2022
Lusita and her friends attend a class at Katewe Community Day Secondary School in Katewe, near Dedza.

Bursaries keep girls in school, to avoid child marriage and early pregnancy

For three years, Lusita Maikolo had been in and out of school. Her parents could not always afford to pay her school fees, and this led to her being... Read more

17 June 2022
Christella, 17, a gang rape survivor in conflict-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo, receives psycho-social counselling, with

International Day for the Elimination of Sexual Violence in Conflict

When wars begin, so does the terror and devastation of sexual violence. The bodies of women and girls become battlefields. Rape is used as a weapon... Read more