11 July 2016 is World Population Day

11 July 2016 is World Population Day Adolescents (10-19 years) form 21% of India's population, of which adolescent girls constitute 48% (115 million). Despite improvements on several key development indicators, there are still issues which limit adolescents, especially adolescent girls, from achieving their full potential. Around 14% of girls aged 15-19 years are illiterate, and 73% never get to complete more than 10 years of school. A third of the world's child brides are in India, with about half of Indian women having married before they turned 18. Facts like these, makes the global theme of this World Population Day - ‘Investing in Teenage Girls' - especially relevant and important for India. With issues of pre-teen adolescent girls requiring as much attention in India, most in the country are focusing on ‘ Investing in Adolescent Girls '. read more

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