UNFPA Myanmar


UNFPA/Myanmar UNFPA's support to Myanmar is underpinned by the eight Millennium Development Goals set by countries all over the world in their pledge to reduce extreme poverty by 2015. UNFPA brings its expertise in reproductive health, population and development as well as gender equality to Myanmar, where it works in partnership with the Government of Myanmar and international and national non-governmental organizations. The Fund's support to its partners focuses on reducing maternal mortality and preventing the spread of HIV, increasing the availability and use of data for development programming as well as advocating for women’s rights and the reduction of violence against women and girls. read more

Current Vacancies

09/30/2014 Programme Analyst, Advocacy, Media and Communication (Myanmar) - 16 October 2014 PDF
09/29/2014 Human Resources Specialist (New York) - 13 October 2014
09/29/2014 Administrative Associate (New York) - 20 October 2014
09/29/2014 Programme Associate (New York) - 20 October 2014
09/28/2014 Gender-Based Violence Emergency Specialist (Islamabad) - 02 October 2014
09/28/2014 Administrative Associate (New York) - 09 October 2014
09/25/2014 Gender-Based Violence Capacity Development Specialist (New York) - 15 October 2014
09/23/2014 Chief, Travel Services (New York) - 14 October 2014
09/23/2014 Gender-Based Violence Information Management Specialist (New York) - 14 October 2014
05/01/2014 UN P11 (Personal History) Form DOC