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About the Pacific Sub-Regional Office

Date: 20/07/2013
Our Mission

UNFPA, the United Nations Population Fund, delivering a world where every pregnancy is wanted, every birth is safe, every young person's potential is fulfilled.

UNFPA's work is guided by the Programme of Action (PoA) adopted by 179 governments at the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo in 1994. The ICPD objectives are consistent with the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

The ICPD PoA reaffirms the importance of national sovereignty and human rights, and its objectives and goals include universal access to reproductive and sexual health services including family planning services, safe motherhood, treatment and prevention of HIV and AIDs, and protection from gender-based violence. The ICPD goals also include empowering women and young people guaranteeing their access to education and health. The goals translate to stronger families and communities, and place individuals at the centre of sustainable development.

Our main areas of work include:

  • Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, inlcuding Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health Commodity Security;
  • Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Infections, including HIV;
  • Mainstreaming Gender Equality;
  • Eliminating Gender-Based Violence;
  • Integration of Population Concerns into DDevelopment Strategies;
  • Supporting large-scale population-based data collection operations and utilization of population data; and
  • Emerging issues in Population and Development such as Ageing and Climate Change.

On Tarawa in Kiribati, this mother and daughter pause for a picture. Photo: UNFPA/Ariela Zibiah

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