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Date: 15/10/2016

Media Coverage of UNFPA Pacific Sub-Regional Office



More opportunities for boys: Invest in girls - Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (13/10/16)


UN urges support for older people - The Fiji Times (02/10/16)

Positive about ageing - Be involved, take a stand against ageism - The Fiji Times (01/10/16)


Home to 7.5 billion: The interconnectedness of our situation - The Fiji Times (23/09/16)


Power of numbers Using data to better address violence against women - The Fiji Times (26/08/16)

A critical reminder: World Humanitarian Day - The Fiji Times (19/08/16)

An agent for change - The Fiji Times (12/08/16)


Teen birth worry - Fiji Times (20/07/16)

Students celebrate World Population Day - The Fiji Times (13/07/19)

Teenage girls in the Pacific face more challenges: UNFPA - FBC TV News (12/07/16)

Teenage girls in the Pacific face more challenges: UNFPA - FBC News Website (12/07/16)

Students and youth stakeholders discuss "Investing in Teenager Girls' to mark World Population Day - Fiji One TV News

UNFPA marks World Population Day - Fiji One News website (12/07/16)

Investing in young girls will pay off in the Pacific: United Nations - Pacific Beat, ABC News (12/07/16)

Group Marks World Population Day - Fiji Sun (11/07/16)

Fiji marks World Population Day - Shanghai Daily (11/07/16)

Investing in teenage girls for national progress - Scoop Independent News (NZ)(11/07/16)

Investing in teenage girls for national progress - PACNEWS (11/07/16)

February - June


Reaching the key groups for recovery - The Fiji Times (25/03/16)

Fiji women's groups united against sexual violence - Radio NZ International (25/03/16)

Dignity kits for women - The Fiji Times (24/03/16)

UN fund provides Fiji with tonnes of healthcare equipment - Radio NZ International (22/03/16)

Ministry receives supplies - The Fiji Times (22/03/16)

UNFPA Gives $230,000 Of Supplies - The Fiji Sun (22/03/16)

Interagency Reproductive Health Supplies for Fiji - PACNEWS Bulletin & Website (21/03/16)

$230,000 worth of health kits for affected communities - Fiji One (National Television) News Website (21/03/16)

Supplies of health kits handed over to the Health Ministry by UNFPA - Fiji One (National Television) News

Ministry of Health receives $230,000 worth of health kits - Fiji Broadcasting Corporation Website (21/03/16)

The Ministry of Health has received a major boost - Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (21/03/16)


Protecting Our Women And Girls - The Fiji Sun (04/03/16)


Reproductive health is key to recovery process: UNFPA - Relief Web (24/02/16)

Engagement of men needed for Pacific sexual health - Radio NZ International (18/02/156)


Plan your family - there is an economic advantage - The Fiji Times (29/01/16)

Living within one's means - Samoa Observer (28/01/16)

The tipping point: What can happen with a demographic dividend - The Fiji Times (25/01/16)

Sexual health at core of development - The Fiji Times (19/01/16)

Sport, a powerful development tool - The Fiji Times (08/01/16)

2016, people in development - The Fiji Times (01/01/16)



Statement by Dr Babatunde Osotimehin on the occasion of Human Rights Day - www.scoop.co.nz (10/12/15)

Positive about HIV - The Fiji Times (04/12/15)


Hurting a woman harms all of us - The Fiji Times (26/11/15)

Health at COP21 - The Fiji Times (19/11/15)

$48.4m foreign aid supplements budget - The Fiji Times (11/11/15)

PNG advocate says drought impacts on youth are tangible - RNZI (02/11/15)

Pacific islands make last-ditch plea to world before Paris climate change talks - theguardian.com (01/11/15)


Hopes that Fiji conference can give shape to Paris approach - RNZI (29/10/15)

More accountability for high emissions needed - Tuvalu - RNZI (29/10/15)

Pacific nations meet before Paris climate change conference - RNZI (29/10/15)

Pacific interests may be 'sacrificed' at Paris climate talks - RNZI (29/10/15)

Fiji conference regional foundation for COP21 - RNZI (28/10/15)

Fiji village headman outlines stresses in climate change move - RNZI (27/10/15)

Climate change victims given voice at Pacific conference - RNZI (27/10/15)

El Nino leading to malnutrition in Vanuatu - RNZI (27/10/15)

Climate change a factor in resurging Pacific diseases - RNZI (26/10/15)

Fiji talks on health and climate change links - RNZI (26/10/15)

Creating waves on sustainable development goals - PACNEWS (26/10/15)

Women amid chaos - The Fiji Times (22/10/15)

Adolescents in climate change adaptation - The Fiji Times (15/10/15)

Pacific leadership pivotal in global health initiative - The Fiji Times (08/10/15)

Unacceptable Preventable losses deny us collective progress - The Fiji Times (01/10/15)


Let's progress as one - The Fiji Times (25/09/15)

Gender equality = human rights - The Fiji Times (11/09/15)

Development through sports - The Fiji Times (03/09/15)


Tuvalu launches national youth policy - Radio NZ International Dateline (12/08/15)

Young people across the Pacific celebrate International Youth Day - Radio Australia, Pacific Beat (12/08/15)

Youth potential to transform our world: there is no Plan B - PACNEWS (12/08/15)

The people's agenda - The Fiji Times (07/06/15)


Fiji marks World Population Day - Meeting Women and Girls' needs in Emergencies - TV Report (12/07/15)

Fiji marks World Population Day - Fiji Television - Website (12/07/15)

Protecting women and girls - The Fiji Times (11/07/15)

Ensure protection of women's dignity and rights - scoop.co.nz (11/07/15)

From better reproductive health - The Fiji Times (10/07/15)

"Our" issues - sharing the sexual and reproductive health and rights responsibility - The Fiji Times (02/07/15)


UNFPA Pacific shares SRHR lessons with New Zealand Parliamentarians - PACNEWS (30/06/15)

Interview on ‪955bFM‬ (NZ)on UNFPA Pacific submission to the New Zealand Parliamentarian's Group on Population & Development (‪#‎NZPPD‬) Open Hearing on "Engaging boys and men in sexual and reproductive health and rights"

UNFPA Pacific shares lessons with New Zealand - scoop.co.nz (30/06/15)

UNFPA Pacific shares SRHR lessons with New Zealand Parliamentarians - PACNEWS (29/06/15)

Be engaged for progress - The Fiji Times (27/06/15)

'Normal' and 'fragile' times - The Fiji Times (19/06/15)

Healthy as we age - The Fiji Times (15/06/15)

We need men and boys - The Fiji Times (04/06/15)

We need men and boys: Shared responsibility for reproductive health - UN Information Centre, Canberra


A need for more Midwives in Fiji with current ratio of midwife to mothers giving birth - Fiji One Website (06/05/15)

Nine Fijian retired midwives in Vanuatu as part of Cyclone Pam response - FBC Television (06/0515)

More midwives needed: Health Ministry - FBC Website (06/05/15)

Plan to develop skills - The Fiji Times (06/05/15)

Ministry for Health wants to train more midwives - FBC Television (05/05/15)

Fiji marks International Day for Midwives - Fiji One Television (05/05/15)

Fiji marked International Day for Midwives today - Fiji One Television Website (05/05/15)

Fijian midwives relieve in Vanuatu hospital - Radio NZ International (05/05/15)

Birth care plan - PACNEWS (05/05/15)

Fiji midwives take on Vila maternity ward post-Cyclone Pam - PACNEWS (05/05/15)

UNFPA Executive Director Statement for the International Day of the Midwife - PACNEWS (05/05/15)

UNFPA: Invest in midwifery - The Fiji Times (05/05/15)

The miracle of birth - Editorial by The Fiji Times (05/05/15)

A life calling in midwifery - The Fiji Times (05/05/15)

Nine Fijians in Vila - The Fiji Times (05/05/15)

Fijian midwives assist at Vanuatu hospital - FBC (05/05/15)

Birth care plan - The Fiji Times (05/05/15)

Fijian midwives step in for exhausted ni-Vanuatu following Cyclone Pam - Radio Australia Pacific Beat Programme (05/05/15)

Fiji midwives take on Vila maternity ward post-Cyclone Pam - ReliefWeb (05/05/15)


UNFPA urges modern contraception access for Pacific - Radio NZ International (24/04/15)

Pacific nations to improve access to sexual health info - Radio NZ International Dateline (27/04/15)

Youth involvement key to improving sexual health access - Fiji TV (28/04/15)

A unified approach - The Fiji Times (16/04/15)

Pacific leaders meet to ensure regional voice heard at UN - Radio NZ International (13/04/15)

Investment in youth a Pacific priority - Radio NZ International (13/04/15)


People-centered development goals discussed in Pacific dialogue - PACNEWS (09/04/15)

People-centered development goals for Pacific dialogue - scoop.com New Zealand (09/04/15)

Responding to Pam with dignity - The Fiji Times (09/04/15)


UNFPA looks at women's needs in post-cyclone Vanuatu - Radio NZ International News (31/03/14)

UNFPA looks at women's needs in post-cyclone Vanuatu - Radio NZ International Dateline (31/03/15)

Life after TC Pam - The Fiji Times (26/03/15)

Ensuring coverage for women and girls after Cyclone Pam - scoop.com New Zealand (17/03/15)

Ensuring coverage for women and girls in the aftermath of Cyclone Pam: UNFPA - Relief Web (17/03/15)

Target the women - The Fiji Times (19/04/15)

'Family planning' vital - The Fiji Times (13/13/15

Minister Meets Executive Director UNFPA - The Fiji Sun (13/03/15)

Read Bible anew - The Fiji Times (12/03/15)

UNFPA Pacific works with universities for good sexual and reproductive health information and services - Fiji One TV (11/03/15)

UNFPA Pacific works with Universities - Fiji Television (11/03/15)

Remove patriarchal mindsets for inclusive progress - a clergymen's appeal - The Fiji Times (12/03/15)

Not in our name - a safe space in faith - The Fiji Times (09/03/14)


'Serve people first': UNFPA High-Level Champion Dr Jiko Luveni - The Fiji Times (19/02/15)

Media crucial - The Fiji Times (19/02/15)

Dr Luveni is UNFPA Pacific "High Level Champion" - FBC News (18/02/15)

Dr Luveni named UNFPA champion - The Fiji Times (18/02/15)

Fiji Speaker of the House of Representatives takes up UNFPA High-Level Champion Role - PACNEWS (17/02/15)

Holistic upbringing to curb population issues - fijilive.com (17/02/15)

Dr Luveni in a position to effect change: UNFPA - fijilive.com (17/02/15)

Big boost for birthing units - Fiji Sun (09/02/15)

Drop in maternal and child deaths - Fiji Television (09/02/15)

Health benefit - The Fiji Times (07/02/15)

UNFPA gives timely assistance for maternal health - FBC Television (07/02/15)

UNFPA boosts maternal health services with donation - Fiji Television (06/02/15)

UNFPA donates equipment - FBC Radio/Website (06/02/15)

UNFPA hands over equipment for maternity units - The Fiji Times (06/02/15)

More equipments for maternal health - Fiji Television (06/02/15)

UN Population Fund hands over $106k worth of equipment for Maternity Wards - fijivillage.com (06/02/15)

Gift from their youth - The Fiji Times (05/02/15)

Media plays critical role in progress of our island communities - PACNEWS (04/02/15)

Gift from their youth - a wellness centre - PACNEWS (04/02/15)

Leaders for youth - The Fiji Times (02/02/15)

December - ends 2014

Backing each other - The Fiji Times (15/12/14)

A vocation to save - The Fiji Times (04/12/14)

UNFPA helps Fiji launch i-care campaign - Fiji Television (01/12/14)


Align youth policies - The Fiji Times (27/11/14)

Pacific Launch for State of World Population report 2014 - Fiji TV Evening News (25/11/14)

Fiji has enabling structures for youths: UNFPA - Fiji TV (25/11/14)

Regional body calls for Pacific nations to invest in youths - Radio NZ International (24/11/14)

Youth are critical - Pacific Launch of UNFPA 2014 State of World Population report - The Fiji Times (21/11/14)

The power of adolescents and youth to transform the future - PACNEWS (20/11/14)

A promise for better - The Fiji Times (07/11/14)


Double Ebola threat for pregnant women - PACNEWS (27/10/14)

Double Ebola threat - The Fiji Times (23/10/14)

For safe deliveries - The Fiji Times (02/10/14)


World leaders affirm ICPD - The Fiji Times (25/09/14)

Investing in young people to beat the odds in the Blue Continent - PACNEWS (23/09/14)

Former Kiribati President joins in call for smaller families - CathNews New Zealand (16/09/14)

Young aspirations - The Fiji Times (11/09/14)

Thomson opens three major UN agencies' meeting - Fiji Sun (09/09/14)

Power of the young - The Fiji Times (04/09/2014)

Youth require investment for realization of full potential - PACNEWS (03/09/14)


Food security and population growth - The Fiji Times (28/08/14)

A conversation with Dr Laurent Zessler on the population growth and food security dynamics - RA Pacific Beat (27/08/14)

Adolescent pregnancy "high": Fiji Minister Dr Jiko Luveni - Fiji Sun (18/08/14)


By the coolibar tree - The Fiji Times (17/07/14)

Curb teen pregnancies - The Fiji Times (17/07/14)

Fiji: family right-sizing, population and ageing population - Fiji One News (13/07/14)

Women appreciate condoms - The Fiji Times (13/07/14)

Focus on teen pregnancies - The Fiji Times (12/07/14)

Right-size progress - The Fiji Times (12/07/14)

Fiji: youth vote, adolescent pregnancy & access to sexuala and reproductive health services - Fiji One News (11/07/14)

Teenage Pregnancies on the rise: UNFPA - Fiji TV (11/07/14)

Our Young Voters, Positive - Fiji Sun (11/07/14)

UNFPA to launch ‘selfie' campaign - FBC National Radio (11/07/14)

Selfie campaign launch on WPD - FBC National Television (10/07/14)

Invest in our youth - The Fiji Times (10/07/14)

Young people are key to progress, invest in them: UNFPA Pacific - assist america website (10/07/14)

Youth-specific development goal urged in Pacific - Radio NZ International (07/07/14)

Kiribati warned to slow population growth - AustraliaPLUS (04/07/14)

Urgent measures needed to curb population growth in Kiribati: UN - Radio Australia (04/07/14

Kiribati warned to slow population growth - Australia Network News (04/07/14)

UNFPA concern over Kiribati overpopulation: Extended on Dateline (04/07/14)

Progress against violence in Kiribati: UNFPA - PACNEWS (04/07/14)

Progress against violence in Kiribati: UNFPA - Radio NZ International (03/07/14)

Domestic Violence Against Women Still Prevalent In Kiribati - Pacific Islands Report (03/07/14)

Progress against violence in Kiribati: UNFPA (04/07/14)

UN concern at Kiribati crowding - Radio NZ International (03/07/14)

Progress against violence in Kiribati: UNFPA (03/07/14)

Acting PM Loughman calls on leaders to discuss population issues - Vanuatu Daily Post (03/07/14)

Youths face many issues - Solomon Star (02/07/14)

36 Teenage Pregnancies in First Quarter - Fiji Sun (02/07/14)


Snap a selfie - The Fiji Times (27/06/14)

UNFPA: Stop unplanned pregnancies - Fiji Times (27/06/14)

UN looking for Pacific selfies - Radio Australia (26/06/14)

"Put in the picture" - The Fiji Times (26/06/14)

UN looking for Pacific selfies - PACNEWS (26/06/14)

Selfies for youth campaign - FBC (26/06/14)

Selfies for development - be in the picture - Solomon Star (25/06/14)

Selfies for development - be in the picture - PACNEWS (25/06/14)

UNFPA launches a selfie competition - Fiji TV Website (25/06/14)

snap N send - UNFPA launches selfies campaign for the Oceania region - Fiji TV  [19:20-21:08] 25/06/14

Family planning training for Isabel nurses - Solomon Star (11/06/14)

Training for health workers end - Solomon Star (02/06/14)

Changing families - an International Day of the Family 2014 panel discussion contribution by Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Roko Tui Bau - Fiji Times (02/06/14)


International day of the Family 2014

Increase in elderly numbers by 2015 - Fiji Sun (18/05/14)

Family well-being should be government concern - Fiji Sun (17/05/14)

Speakers talk on family - Fiji Broadcasting Corporation (16/05/14)

Families the center of discussions as Fiji marks day - Fiji Television (16/05/14)

Panelists highlight role of families - The Fiji Times (16/05/14)

Mums link families - The Fiji Times (15/05/14)

International Day of Families: Statement by UNFPA Executive Director Dr Babatunde Osotimehin - PACNEWS (15/05/14)

Family, the basic unit of society [Editorial] - Fiji Sun (14/05/14)

Refocus on role of families - Fiji Sun (14/05/14)

New data on maternal mortality

Women shouldn't die giving birth - PACNEWS (14/05/14)

Women should not die giving life - Samoa Observer (13/05/14)

Women should not die giving life - Islands Business International (12/05/14)

Women should not die giving life - PACNEWS (12/05/14)

Women should not die giving life - article.wn.com (11/05/14)

Women should not die giving life - SCOOP World www.scoop.co.nz (11/05/14)

Women should not die giving life - allvoices.com (10/05/14)

Health access for all - The Fiji Times (09/05/14)

UNFPA Pacific Assists Mothers, Youth Displaced by Solomon Islands Flooding - PACNEWS (05/05/14)

UNFPA Pacific Assists Mothers, Youth Displaced by Solomon Islands Flooding - article.wn.com (01/05/14)


More services needed to combat teen pregnancy in the Pacific - Radio New Zealand International (25/04/14)

A UNFPA Pacific humanitarian response in the Solomon Islands - PACNEWS (24/04/14)

Teen pregnancies in Pacific are part of 'abandoned baby' issues - Radio Australia (23/04/14)

Fiji leads first ever UN delegation visit to the South Pacific - Fiji Television (21/04/14)

Humanitarian assistance must include leadership by Solomon Island women - PACNEWS (11/04/14)

Celebrated footprints: the link between climate change and population dynamics - PACNEWS (10/04/14)

Celebrated footprints - Fiji Times (10/04/14)

Wise decision-making matters: Dr Jiko Luveni (Minister for Social Welfare, Women & Poverty Alleviation - Fiji Sun (08/04/14)

Challenges facing world population take centre stage at annual UN forum - PACNEWS (08/04/14)


Our young blessings - The Fiji Times (27/03/12)

Cooks Enters Agreement with UNFPA for Health Support - Cook Islands News (24/03/14)

Address changing household structures - PACNEWS (13/03/14)

Important structures - a feature artcile by PSRO - Fiji Times (13/03/14)

UN data on violence prompts calls for action - RNZI (10/03/14)

UN says early sexual encounters for many young Pacific people often forced - RNZI (07/03/14)

United Nations interviewing women in the Pacific on violence - RNZI (06/03/14)

Progress for women and girls is progress for all: A statement by Dr Babatunde Osotimehin marking International Women's Day - PACNEWS (10/03/14)

Pregnant by choice, not by chance - PACNEWS (03/03/14)

Pregnant by choice, not by chance - Samoan Observer (01/03/14)


Equality is the key - The Fiji Times (06/1214)


Global citizenry - why international meetings matter (23/01/14)

Gift for health - UNFPA boosts reproductive health services project (10/01/14)

Fiji heads first UNDP/UNFPA/UNOPS executive board meet - Fiji Sun (29/01/14)

'Talk about sex issues' - The Fiji Times (25/01/14)

Fiji elected to preside over UNDP/ UNFPA/UNOPS executive board for 2014 - PACNEWS (10/01/14)

Gift for health - a feature article - The Fiji Times (10/01/14)

Timely assistance from the United Nations Population Fund - Fiji One (TV) News (10/01/14)

Ensuring access to reproductive health information in Fiji - UNIC Canberra (09/01/14)

Vehicle to help raise awareness - The Fiji Times (09/01/14)

UNFPA helps new health unit - Fiji Sun (09/01/14)

Fiji to soon have reproductive health units througout the country - FBC (TV) News (08/01/14)

Investing in Reproductive Health - PACNEWS (08/01/14)

Investing in Reproductive Health - Scoop, NZ (08/01/14)


The power of sport - The Fiji Times (24/12/13)

Sport for progress - PACNEWS (24/12/13

Sport for Progress - scoop.co.nz (24/12/13)

Fiji pay tribute to late Mandela - Statement by UNFPA Pacific Director and Representative Dr Laurent Zessler on behalf of the United Nations

Rainbow warrior sets global model - Statement at the Nelson Mandela Memorial Service in Suva, Fiji (16/12/13)

Men and women must unite in struggle for justice to all - Solomon Star (15/12/13)

Human Rights Day

Women's right to plan family - The Fiji Times (12/11/13)

The right to plan - PACNEWS (12/11/13)

The right to plan - Islands Business (12/11/13)

The right to plan - www.scoop.co.nz (12/11/13)

Lets enjoy the difference - The Fiji Times (10/12/13)

The Pathway to Human-Centred Development - PACNEWS (10/12/13)

The Pathway to Human-Centred Development - www.scoop.co.nz (10/12/13)


Tribute to icon of freedom - The Fiji Times (09/12/13)

Dignity under attack - pacific.scoop.com (26/11/13)

Dignity under attack - The Fiji Times (26/11/13)

Women march against violence - marking the beginning of 16 Days of Activism - The Fiji Times (26/11/13)

Stripped of choices - an Opinion-Editorial on Adolescent Pregnancy - The Fiji Times

Tomorrow is a girl - an Opinion-Editorial making International Day of the Girl 2013 - Solomon Star

Tomorrow is a girl - an Opinion-Editorial marking International Day of the Girl 2013 - The Fiji Times

Treat girls equally - International Day of the Girl 2013 - The Fiji Times

Reproductive unit set up planned - Fiji Sun (13/10/13)

Unite for youth vision: Sania Fiji Sun (23/09/13)

Sixth Asian and Pacific Population Conference - Bangkok, Thailand

Pacific unity shines through at APPC - Fiji Television

Comprehensive declaration adopted at APPC - Fiji Television

The Pacific ripple - Samoa Observer

The Pacific ripple - PACNEWS

Pacific countries want international focus on violence against women - Pacific Beat, Radio Australia

Population meeting told youth sexual health will be priority in region - RNZI

We want to reshape the development agenda beyond 2014: Pacific leaders - PACNEWS

Building Better Lives through a Population and Development Agenda - an Opinion-Editorial by Noeleen Heyzer and Babatunde Osotimehin - PACNEWS

Pacific Voice For Global Development Agenda Beyond 2014 - Pacific.scoop.co.nz

Luveni to present at 6th Asian and Pacific Population Conference - fijivillage.com

Pacific Conference of Parliamentarians for Advocacy on ICPD beyond 2014

Pacific MPs want to ‘slow down teen pregnancy'

Moana Declaration returns people to the heart of development agenda - PACNEWS

Heart of the matter - The Fiji Times

Closing remarks by the Fiji Minister for Health Dr Neil Sharma - Ministry Website

Ensure the Pacific voice is heard in global development - scoop.co.nz

Conference aims to address issues around the region - Fiji Broadcasting Commission

A new agenda - post-2014 - PACNEWS

A new agenda after 2014 - The Fiji Times

Pacific looks at more inclusive development - Fiji Sun

Television coverage of the Pacific Conference of Parliamentarians on ICPD beyond 2014

Pacific policy makers consider population trends - Radio Australia

Ensure the Pacific voice is heard in the global development agenda: UNFPA urges leaders - Islands Business Magazine (Online)

Presidential address at the ICPD Pacific conference of parliamentarians - Fiji Government Website

Challenge for leaders - The Fiji Times

Leaders meet

Conference aims to address issues around the region

Ensure the Pacific Voice Is Heard In Global Development - scoop.co.nz


Pacific nurses urged to tackle maternal deaths and gender violence - Radio Australia

Develop social consciousness, UNFPA Pacific urges nurses - Mai Life Magazine

Develop social consciousness, UNFPA urges nurses - The Fiji Times

Focus on women and children - The Fiji Times

World Population Day focuses on Adolescent Pregnancy - Radio Australia

Education needed to combat teen pregnancies: UN - Australia Network News

Message on World Population Day - Islands Business

UNFPA Executive Director Dr Babatunde Osotimehin in Fiji

UNFPA Chief Stresses Women's Empowerment, Girl's Education - Pacific.Scoop

Fiji takes step to meet goals - The Fiji Times

Focus on the people - The Fiji Times

G77 set to meet - Fiji Sun

Courtesy call, presentation of credentials - Fiji Sun

UNFPA boss at G77 meet, launches report - Fiji Sun

G77 members call for new economic model - Radio Australia

G77 membas laikim niupela economic model - Radio Australia (Tok Pisin)

G77 members call for new economic model - Australia Network News

Photo Gallery


UNFPA provides Fiji with obstetric equipment - FIGO (05/04/2013)

UNFPA boosts decentralized obstetric care - Islands Business

Emergency Obstetric Care Services improved - FBC News

Kit gift for ministry - The Fiji Times

SPC and UNFPA Combine Their Efforts in the Pacific - Pacific News Center

From the Inaugural Repositioning Family Planning Symposium, Viseisei Village, Vuda

Plan to progress

Women's health affect families

Education decreases poverty

Timing is key to empowerment

Differing views on planning

Stakeholders focus on history of policy

Planned families help: UNFPA


Ageing policy deal sealed

Fiji Launches First Ageing Policy In The Pacific Sub-Region