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Date: 11/02/2015


Challenges to global advocacy for women's rights - ICPD, Beijing and the Post-2015 Development Agenda - A public lecture by Professor Gita Sen (09/02/15) Member, High-Level Task Force on ICPD


International Day of the Families (2014) Panel Discussion - Families in tomorrow's development agenda: Post-2014, Post-2015

Introduction - Moderator, Ass.Prof Sandra Tarte, Acting Head of School, School of Govenrment, Development and International Affairs & Director, Politics and International Affairs

Opening Reamrks - Mr. Mark Bryan Schreiner, the Deputy Director and Deputy Representative of the (UNFPA) Pacific Sub-Regional Office.

Panelist: Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi - Roko Tui Bau: The role of national leadership in the evolving structures of the family.

Rev. James Bhagwan - Secretary of Communication, Methodist Church of Fiji and Rotuma: Does faith still have a role in social changes towards a developed nation?

Paulini Turagabeci - Youth Advocate: Where should youth be in the issue of family formation?

Rev. Dr Bruce Yeates - Associate Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Law and Education and Social Work Programme Coordinator, School of Social Sciences: Are families in Pacific societies prepared for tomorrow's development agenda, socially and economically?

Dr Jiko Luveni - Minster for Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation: The role of the ageing policy in tomorrow's family?

Maha Muna - Gender Adviser (UNFPA): The ICPD Review Findings on families and its Pacific development implications?

The Moana Declaration at the 6th APPC (Asia and the Pacific Population Conference)

2013 State of World Population-related Videos

Low contraceptive prevalence rate a concern, Fiji Minister for Health discusses national response (2013 SWOP Pacific launch follo-up reportage, Fiji TV 04/11/13)

Research can provide answers to national low contraceptive prevalence rate: FNU College of Medicine Professor Ian Rouse (2013 SWOP Pacific launch follow-up reportage, Fiji TV 04/11/13)

National women's network to be alternative entry point for sexual and reproductive health services (2013 SWOP Pacific launch follow-up reportage, Fiji TV 04/11/13)

2013 SWOP Pacific launch coverage - Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

2013 SWOP Pacific launch coverage - Fiji Television

Adolescent pregnancy in the Asia & Pacific Region - an animation

ICPD Review-related videos

At the Sixth Asian and Pacific Population Conference

Post-APPC Media Coverage

- Fiji's efforts towards the global development agenda post-2014 - Fiji Television

- Reportage on the 6th APPC outcome statement - Fiji Television

Brief Delegation Statements Post-6th APPC

- Cook Islands: Minister for Health, Nandi Glassie

- Solomon Islands: MP Douglas Ete

- Samoa: Henry Tamotu Ah Ching

- Tonga - Sela Paasi

- Tuvalu - Dr Stephen Homasi

- Vanuatu - Dr Santus Wari

The Pacific Opening Statement by Cook Islands Minister for Health, Honorable Nandi Glassie

Conference of Parliamentarians for Advocacy on ICPD beyond 2014

Final Word from Kate Gilmore, UNFPA DED Programme post-Pacific Conference of Parliamentarians for Advocacy beyond 2014

Other General/Programme Videos

The Pacific at the 6th APCRSHR (2011)

Maternal Health on The Big Debate

Bridging The Gap

Mobilisng development ... the Pacific Way