UNFPA Pacific Sub-Regional Office

Official Documentation

Date: 02/12/2013

The Standard Country Office Official Page (SCOOP) is a communication initiative to standardize and make it easier for our stakeholders including our Executive Board, our donors and our partners, to find the latest official documentation and basic country office information. You will find the Pacific Sub-Regional Office (PSRO) SCOOP here.

SCOOP is also a component of the larger International Aid Transparency Initiative (IATI). SCOOP has a link to a searchable database which represents UNFPA's commitment to publish comprehensive, quality and timely information about aid flows.

The Open Data at UNFPA portal (data.unfpa.org) is the organization's implementation of the IATI to which UNFPA is a signatory. IATI is a voluntary multi-stakeholder initiative aimed at making information about aid spending easier to access, understand and use.