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10 November 2022
For all countries, continued development and realization of the Sustainable Development Goals depends on achieving sexual and re

High-Level Commission on Nairobi Summit endorses justice framework to accelerate commitments and counter backlash against sexual and reproductive health and rights

The HLC on the Nairobi Summit on ICPD25 Follow-up has launched a groundbreaking new report making sexual and reproductive justice a vehicle for... Read more

8 November 2022
Rebecca Wimana with her newborn twins Mwayonimana (left) and Issaka Kwiseka (right), who were born at Tata Mwami Rugabo II.

Woman finds hope in safe birth of twins, after losing everything when her home was burned

Rebecca Wimana was seven months pregnant when she lost her house in Jomba in the conflict raging in the DRC. "When I heard the bombings, we left... Read more

4 November 2022
The Action for Adolescent and Teen Mothers project empowers adolescent girls and teen mothers to become financially independent.

How teen mothers are getting a fresh start in life in rural Malawi

Cecilia Zimba dropped out of school when she was 17 because her parents couldn’t afford to support her education – but she had high hopes they would... Read more

27 October 2022
A delegation of  state ministers and district leaders speak with girls at the Kalas primary school in Amudat.

Girls in Uganda lured across the border to undergo female genital mutilation

Fourteen-year-old Judith and five other Pokot girls were lured across the border, into Kenya from Uganda, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. The... Read more

24 October 2022
© UNFPA Ethiopia

Ethiopia: From conflict to climate shocks, women and girls are disproportionately affected

Grinding conflict, climate shocks including drought and floods and the impacts of COVID-19 have left more than an estimated 25 million people in need... Read more

18 October 2022
Elimlim Ingolan, 39, with her 7-month-old baby. Women have been disproportionately affected by the drought in Kenya.

Health and violence risks multiply for women and girls in Kenya as worst drought in 40 years bites hard

Chants of “Apei Apei ng’akankomwon ng’akan!” ring out from a group of women sitting under a tree. The words translate to “One, one, nine, five” –... Read more

17 October 2022
© UNFPA Rwanda

Investing in young people’s health: access to sexual and reproductive health and mental health

It has been a great honour for me to be able to join you in person at this year’s YouthConnekt Africa Summit in Kigali. I was inspired by the words... Read more

11 October 2022
Sifa, 19, from Quissanga in Mozambique.

Disturbing rise in teenage pregnancy, child marriage, gender-based violence  and HIV infection in adolescent girls in East and Southern Africa ​​– we need to act collectively and with urgency

Girls’ sheer resilience in the face of adversity is cause for celebration this International Day of The Girl Child. While East and Southern Africa... Read more

10 October 2022
In Mozambique, girls aged 15 to 17 who are in school are about 8 times less likely to marry as a child than girls who have never

“Mother, I cannot marry this man. I am too young. I want to continue my studies”

Marta* was 13 years old when her mother told her she would have to marry a 73-year-old man. No longer able to afford schooling her, her mother saw... Read more

6 October 2022
In Tanzania's first digital census, 99,99% of households were counted.

Everyone counts in efforts to leave no one behind in Tanzania - first digital census a success

Two weeks, 14 million households and 205,000 census enumerators. Across Tanzania, reaching even the remotest areas, the 2022 Population and Housing... Read more